A) $2,000

We come to your house or venue, set up the red carpet with stanchions, backdrop, lights and camera!
Two hosts, a man and a woman, interview your guests before they enter your party. A short 2-3 minute highlight video is posted on our website for later viewing.

B) $4,000

Setup the red carpet with stanchions and backdrop. Two hosts interview guests and a short 4-5 minute highlight video is recorded and edited on the spot. For viewing at your party, toward the end, on your TV!

C) $6,000

Red carpet setup, two hosts with a video (5-6min) recorded, edited, and shown at your party. The backdrop is personalized with your name, business, or charity logo. The final viewing of the video is setup on a large screen PROJECTED in the backyard or private viewing room of your choice!

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